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•  Fetal distress

•  Oxygen deprivation causing respiratory distress

•  Labor and delivery errors

•  Cord compression

•  Fetal heart monitoring

•  Perinatal hypoxia

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As parents, you hope the best for your new baby and hope that the medical professionals do the best that they can. Sometimes babies may be born with problems that don’t match your expectations. And when your baby is a victim of a birth injury that occurs during labor and delivery, nothing can be as devastating that this. If you or your loved one’s baby suffers a birth injury, you could be entitled to compensation. Discuss your rights with John W. Brown today.

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•  Perinatal asphyxia

•  Anoxic brain injury

•  Cerebral palsy

•  Shoulder dystocia

•  Anoxic brain injury

•  Other birth injuries

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